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Bike Handles
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Road bycicle racing is a very exciting and tactical team sport which is present primarily in Europe but thanks to the broadcasts the big fights spanning beautiful landscapes can be followed worldwide.

From single day to Grand Tour multiple-stage races are organized where the different categories of teams (world team, pro team, continental team) can compare their strength with each other.

The teams always select their competitors according to the conditions of the race – sprinters, climbers, punchers, domestiques – whose main goal to support and help their captains to win.

The tactical fight often begins at the beginning of the stage by launching group of riders that break
away from the peloton (main group) or by wearing the opponents or for just winning the part stages
but the biggest fights are formed at the end of the stage especially on the high category mountains
where the riders remained from the peloton and the captains compete for the victory and the best time.

It won’t be any different in the game too. We strived to model reality as best we could and to transpose the excitements to a board game where in addition to the luck, tactics will also play a big role.

By adding more race tracks a real Grand Tour race can be played.

Assemble your team, compete tactically and get the most points so you can be the new champion of
the Pro Cycling The Board Game.

We wish you good game and exciting races!

May the bike be with you

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